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A most enchanting depiction of a traditional Pashtun couple. Pashtun women and girls are really very beautiful and you have captured it...

Whoa. What a pic! This visual magnum opus made me spell the words "magnum opus" wrong! It's that stunning. The title and the picture ta...

The artist has created a stunning work of art here. They have utilised their tools well to produce this jaw-dropping piece of artwork. ...

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Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ- her POV:
The Praetorium was packed with people. I was with my sister Mariam, the wife of Cleophai and young Yohannan's mother Saloma, as well as Maria from Magdala, the sister of Martha and Eleazer in Bethania. I saw the clamour of the Yehudeans, as Pilatos brought out my dearest Son, my darling Yeshua, for them to feast their cruel eyes on. Then Pilatos brought out another hardened crook, who was known among us by the name of Barabba. He asked the people, "which of these two men shall I deliver to you?". The Yehudeans screamed for Barabba. Even the little children were encouraged to cry for Barabba, who was a notorious rebel and murderer. But, alas, I was so overcome with sorrow since the past evening, and, I fain would beg for my Son- but no one would hear, but God.
Pilatos gave Barabba over to the Yehudeans, free, while he ordered Yeshua to be led away to be scourged.
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Woman at the Beach
I put clothes on a painting depicting the goddess Venus(which was originally completely unclothed). I first put on a bathing suit, and then put on her pants and top. I used the app Art Set for this.
Why does almost everyone here think I'm American? I come from friggin' India, for crying out loud! XD
Earth Day 2017 A.D.
My friend asked me to make this for her. I guess she's doing something at school, and she asked me to draw this for her. This is merely a concept, and her approval is still pending.
*"Prodn" is my contraction for "production".*

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Aeric Lee Abison(that's me!)

MUSIC: Elton John
COMPOSERS: Lebo M, Mark Manchina, Jay Rafkin
LYRICS: Tim Rice(additional lyrics by Julie Taymor)


Puppets, masks, and costumes modified by Jason J. G.

Simba: Johnson Regi
Young Simba: Criss Lee Abison(my brother!)
Nala: Shradha Rajesh
Young Nala: Zainab Mustafa 
Mufasa: Mathew Roy
Sarabi: Angelina Susan Abraham
Scar: Aeric Lee Abison
Rafiki: Caren Mercy Sujith
Zazu: Vedarth Kumtekar
Timon: Aftab Taj Hashimi
Pumbaa: Vivek Madhu
Shenzi: Chris Ann Joji
Banzai: Pranav Subhash
Ed: Mevin John Jacob

CASTING: Jason J. G., Aeric Lee Abison

ENSEMBLE: Grades 7, 8, 9, and 10

SWING: Grades 7, 8, 9, and 10

Originally directed by Julie Taymor
Produced under Walt Disney Theatricals(Original Production)

Jesus is the Only Saviour- Pray for all to be well.

All persons mentioned here(except for Jason J. G.- he's my original character) are people I know in real life. You may not know who exactly these characters are, but these are the people Jason and I'd chose if we ever put together a production of The Lion King.

All money will be given as charity to the suffering and needy. Besides the money, your prayers will be efficacious too.


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Aeric Lee Abison
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Arab Emirates


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I do not condemn you. If i did, then I'd have blocked you months ago. But I did not. And even if you block me, the loss is yours, not mine. 

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If you wish to maintain a relationship with God, then read the Bible! Don't depend upon those "different books" for your life with God. And if your "different views" clash with God(according to His standards if they do, that is), then you are not right with God.

Jesus said, "many shall come that day unto Me, saying, 'Lord, did we not do many wondrous works in Thy Name?'. I shall say unto them, 'depart from Me, ye workers of iniquity; I never knew you'. For not everyone that calleth Me 'Lord, Lord' shall enter My Father's kingdom; but they that do the will of My Father; the same shall enter His Kingdom". Jesus has very few conditions for you to meet. If you cannot meet even those, and you still claim to be a child of God, then you are not right with God. This is the hard truth.
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Hey. I don't know if you're interested but I've been working on sprang and I may be able to make a hair net soon. My first sprang broke but now I know the proper way to make sprang.
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